The Hello Kitty Plane [updated!]

In approximately an hour I will be boarding the Hello Kitty plane bound for Taipei, Taiwan. Yes, it’s a 777 with cartoon cat decals on the side. Yes, it’s pretty fucking awesome. Yes, it did bring a smile to my face despite my hunger and headache and the fact that I’m in O’Hare. 

I’m embarking around the planet to serve as a Fulbright English teaching assistant for the better part of a year, and I’ve ambitiously pledged to keep a blog the whole time. In order to hold myself accountable to this pledge, I’ve outsourced that responsibility to my friends and family. Hopefully their appetites for riveting journalism, breathtaking photography and mediocre blogging will drive them to pester me enough to overcome my writing laziness.

Lacking the foresight to plan out this endeavor, I don’t have a theme or perspective for my blog. I’ve been told that a blog needs a topic, so please let me know if you have any suggestions (sooner, rather than later).

Boarding on the Hello Kitty plane begins in 10 minutes. They said the food, pillows, headrest covers, and flight attendant uniforms are all themed. I’m stoked.

PHOTO UPDATE [August 6] 

The flight was surprisingly tolerable considering its 15-hour duration. EVA Air did a nice job of providing amenities to economy class, like non-sardine legroom, toothbrushes, lotion, and (best of all) scented eye masks. I actually slept and dreamed for several hours. But, of course, the Hello Kitty theme provided a delightful gilding on all of this. Nearly every printed object had some theming, from the safety cards to the toilet paper; the utensils were molded into the shapes of cartoon characters. See for yourself: 

Another post should be coming in the next day (or so)! Thanks for reading.